Guidance on the Internal Assessment

The Internal Assessment (IA) is a great way to teach students how to undertake a software development project using the software development lifecycle. Students will need to act an analysts, designers, programmers and testers in order to successfully complete their desired solution.

  Download purpose of the Internal Asessment here

The project will be broken into 5 stages or criteria. Each stage will be awarded a maximum mark. The marks from each stage will then be totalled in order to achieve an overal grade out of a possible 34 marks.

  The stages of the process and how to prepare for them can be read here

  Download the assessment criteria here

  A flow chart of the different stages, as well as the word count for each stage, and the official form can be found a here

Student checklist

To ensure that you are on the right path, it is advised that you follow the supplied checklist throughout the whole process.

  Download student checklist here

Example projects

IB supplies a number of example projects with student annotations and moderator's comments. It is highly recommended that you study these example projects before you undertake your own project.

  Download example projects here